Creator Space

We're a group of creators looking to build a space where other creatives can come to make their videos, podcasts, music, side-hustles and more. We want to make this dream happen, enter your email if you want this too.

A space for all creators

One of the limitations of small creators is not having access to the right gear, and although you don’t need the best gear to create engaging and captivating content, it does help. With the right gear, you can up the production quality and compete with those who have the funds and access to expensive, professional equipment.

But what if there was a space where you could go and have everything there, in place for you to create? I am talking video studios, video sets, podcast studios, gear hire, coworking space, editing rooms, music studios – everything you could want or need to create, in one communal place.

Video Studio

All the gear you can think of to dream up your projects. White-backed studios, fully built sets, living room environments and more.

Podcast Studio

It's 2019, who doesn't want to make a podcast? Shure SM5B microphones everywhere in fully soundproofed rooms from 1-6 people.

Edit Suites

You've made your masterpiece in the video or podcasting studio, now you move to post. Full edit suites with Premiere Pro, FCPX, Audition & Logic. Macs & PCs galore.


Maybe you don't want to use the studios, but want a space full of like-minded creators building their businesses and growing their content. Yep, we'll do that too.

Let's make it happen

To make Creator Space happen, we're going to need all the help we can get. To afford the space and purchase all the necessary gear we will need funds. The only way we're going to get those funds is with the backing of a community - will you help?

So, here in the fine print there is a little more about what we're looking to achieve with Creator Space, as it's something we are really excited about. Firstly, we'll be based in London to start with, looking to move out to Manchester and then eventually to the US. Early supporters of the project will have lifetime access to the space, but after that, we will be charging a tiered membership fee or pay as you go. This is still undecided but will like to be a similar price to your gym (£40.00 p/m).

It's also going to be very much a community. Once you join we'll be running events and have an online portal for everyone to communicate with each other. The vision is to have a multi-skilled community that can help each other out. For instance, if you're a videographer who has shot some awesome footage but you want some help with editing, you can catch up with an equally awesome video editor who can help you make that edit. This applies across the disciplines.

Help us build Creator Space

All we need is your email address to keep you updated on the progress of Creator Space. Your feedback and building a community for this project will be invaluable. We hope to have you on board.

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Thank you!

Thank you for showing your support for Creator Space and being a part of the community. Look out for email updates over the next couple of months. In the meantime, keep creating.